Tuesday, November 18, 2014


That title's about as cryptic as it gets.  I know... I apologize in advance.

Look, when it comes to Troy Tulowitzki, I'd love to tell you that I know something big's about to blow the doors off and the Yankees will get Troy and the Rockies will get players that we Yankee fans don't think we'll need.  That's not necessarily the case. There is no deal.  What IS the case however, is that I promised you I'd be with you throughout this rumor, good or bad. 

Well... this is what I can confirm;  Despite what you're not seeing, we at BYB can confirm that internally, the Rockies are discussing and HAVE discussed a way to move Troy.  I also know that they like some of the Yankee prospects.  In fact, that is confirmed as well. We're going over old ground.

But, there is some interesting... and yes, cryptic information is coming from our BYB source tonight.  In fact, I'm waiting on a followup... but here's what I received right now...

When I asked about any new information about the Yankees, the Rockies and Troy Tulowitzki, I received the following text:

"Re: Tulo. The Rox know what they want. It's really up to the Yankees as to how much they feel Troy is worth."

I am very curious... "WORTH???"

"Health and price", they wrote back.

Seems obvious, but there's a code in there, or that's what I thought. It begs a bigger question... Was an offer actually made to the Yankees? What does "It's really up to the Yankees..." mean?

I know, Ken Davidoff said in his report the other day that General Manager Jeff Bridich said:

 'There’s been the regular checking in with teams just like all teams do... But there have been no sit-downs or any meaningful discourse on anything.'

I'm going to state that I do not believe that.  Part of the game of a General Manager is to never show your hand.  Brian Cashman does that better than anyone.  I stated this passed weekend that I strongly doubt that Jeff Bridich would ever tell a New York beat writer anything truthful.  That's not an attack on Bridich or Davidoff... it means simply this... it's Bridich's job to lie.  NEVER SHOW YOUR HAND.

Now, let me state for the record, we here at BYB are doing our best to get you the right info on Troy Tulowitzki.  As you know, "sources" are not our thing. but we have one, and we're doing it the correct way.

As we stated in earlier posts, this could turn out to be nothing, but it will turn out to be nothing if the Yankees pass. That's our take right this moment.  We know for a fact that the Rockies want who they want in the Yankees farm system. Like we stated late last week in: SOURCE: ROX WANT "A LOT" OF TOP PROSPECTS FOR TULO:

"According to our guy, the Rockies are interested in Luis Severino 'as well as Rob Refsnyder or Greg Bird... (and) Shane Greene or a Manny Banuelos,' he said."  That's confirmed. What we couldn't confirm until tonight was whether or not the Yankees were approached.  It appears they have been. Maybe more will come out about it this week. We will see.

In the meantime, know this;  BYB is doing our best, and I received a lot of notes from many of you about our Tulo story. You gave us props and showed your support and you asked many questions. Some even don't believe us. It makes no difference to me. I know the info is solid. Bottom line,  we have been honest with you the whole way.  We'll continue to be.

Will Tulo be a Yankee? My gut says he will be if the Rockies and the Yankees can negotiate professionally and not get their backs up at the table. If they can do that, a deal would be made. If one team appears to want WAY more... forget it. They will part ways.   Either way, BYB isn't going anywhere until we know...

Stay tuned...

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