Saturday, September 27, 2014


First off, hats off to the Red Sox fans and Fenway Park.  We've been rivals for years, but what you did for Derek Jeter last night, the chanting of "Der-ek Jet-er" was amazing and personally gave me chills.

I Thank you... we thank you. We're all baseball fans, and it was never more evident to me than last night.

After the walk off win at Yankee Stadium the other night, there isn't much more to talk about.  Yes, the Yankees won, but as you know... it doesn't matter.  Still fun to watch of course.

The Yankee lineup was weird, but we won, and with just 2 games to go... it is what it is.

The Yanks scored 2 runs in the 3rd.  Francisco Cervelli singled knocking in Eury Perez. Shortly after, John Ryan Murphy was forced out, but there was a throwing error, so Murphy reached first and Cervelli scored.

In the 6th Zelous Wheeler sac flied, and Murphy scored.

Chris Capuano pitched well, going 6.2 innings, giving up 4 hits and 1 run.  David Robertson got his 39th save, and 40 is right around the corner, a huge accomplishment, but according to what he said to MLB, he's downplaying it a bit:

"Forty is just a number to me... The biggest thing for me personally, if I was 35-for-35, that's what I would want to be. I don't want to be the guy who lets people down."

Gotta love this kid.

Derek Jeter did not play. He got a day off and that's allowed.  Maybe he'll DH today... we will see.

Nice win for the Yanks with an unusual line up.  2 more left... Masahiro Tanaka throws today.

Final: Yankees 3 - Red Sox 2

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