Monday, August 4, 2014


Tonight had the feeling of a playoff game. It's amazing how different it was watching tonight compared to watching the Yankees verses the Sox. Tonight was intense, yet the last series was supposed to be the rivalry. The fans were electric tonight. You could feel it.  Oh... and Brandon McCarthy did what was needed. With no fear, no emotion, just good old fashioned heart, Brandon McCarthy earned his pinstripes tonight. The life of a Yankee fan is good right now. 

On paper, Max Scherzer beats McCarthy, but clearly no one told McCarthy that.  McCarthy went 5.2 innings. He gave up 5 hits and only 1 run.  When he walked off the mound, the entire stadium rose to their feet.  It was a Thank You. It was a "The Yankees actually DO have a shot!" You could smell October tonight. Sure, the Yankees only scored 2 runs tonight, but we were hitting against Scherzer, no slouch.  The story however isn't the offense. The story was the pitching.  The pen did it's job better than ever once again, but remember, we all poo poo'ed Brandon McCarthy when he came to New York. We all thought it was a lousy idea.  Now though, now we see something different. Now we see that jolt.  The jolt, the energy I've been talking about.  Sure, an individual like Stephen Drew may not be enough. But throw in a McCarthy, maybe a Martin Prado... a Chase Headley, a few moving parts like Esmil Rogers... and now you have guys that want to win with the Yankees because they may have never had that shot before.

Now ladies and gentlemen... that jolt has come to life.  Here come the Yankees.

The 2 Yankee runs scored tonight went like this:

In the 3rd, Jacoby Ellsbury sacrificed home Ichiro. Then Brian MCann singled home Brett Gardner.

In the end, it was enough tonight, and with 3 games left against the Tigers, we need to keep that intensity going.  We need to keep that heart and drive going. We're the Yankees dammit. Hopefully now we wake from our slumber.  Hopefully now... that jolt is alive and well... let's hope.

Final: Yankees 2 - Tigers 1

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