Friday, August 15, 2014


On Wednesday, owners met in Baltimore to vote for the new commissioner. It's kind of the MLB's version of electing a Pope. Owners convened in a ballroom until at least 23 of them agreed on the new commissioner. They vote until they could come up with the perfect replacement for Bud Selig. Which, considering the mess he has created with the MLB, shouldn't be all that difficult. Just today, BYB's own Alexis Garcia wrote BASEBALL'S NOT BETTER BECAUSE OF SELIG... IT'S WORSE. I definitely agree. I have said it a million times in discussing Alex Rodriguez, and steroid.

And the winner is...

I guess it should come to no surprise that Rob Manfred was voted the new commissioner, Thursday afternoon. He will be the sports 10th commissioner. Manfred, MLB's chief operating officer, was Selig's right hand man. Especially during the Biogenesis debacle. He authorized the payment of some $105,000+ for the stolen documents that helped bring down Tony Bosch's clinic. I wrote about their knowledge of the purchase in MLB KNEW WHAT THEY WERE PURCHASING. Funny enough, the majority of Alex Rodriguez's suspension was due to obstruction of evidence.

I guess I cannot fairly judge Manfred by the sins of his predecessor. Most of his actions were done under the direction of Selig. Maybe he will be different.

Honestly, I want to give Manfred the benefit of the doubt, but after Selig, I really don't have much hope or trust in Manfred. The game has lost so much integrity, and Manfred played a hand in that. I cannot forget that. It almost feels like he was serving King Joffery. Seriously, how much loyalty, and confidence do you give a guy like that?

Anyway, congrats to Manfred! I don't except you to instantly clean up the mess that Selig made, just please... try not to be as big a disappointment, and hypocrite.

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804


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