Thursday, July 31, 2014


"I would love to see him land Matt Kemp at no real cost and have Kemp agree to play right field..." 

If the Yankees are looking for an upgrade from Ichiro, and I would never turn away Ichiro, consider Matt Kemp over someone like Marlon Byrd.  Mike O'Hara mentioned it, and yes, he mentioned trying to get Kemp, if it wasn't going to take alot to get him.  
The point is this; if we're gonna try to get him, no better time than right now.  As Craig Calcaterra of Hardball Talk writes:

"For a guy who, just a few days ago, people were assuming could be dumped to another team, Matt Kemp has been pretty important to the Dodgers of late. On Tuesday night he blasted two homers against the Braves. Last night he hit another homer...Since the All-Star break, Kemp is hitting .436/.522/.744 with three homers, 11 RBI and seven walks."

All I'm saying is, snag him now, give the Dodgers a few pieces, maybe pick up some of that Kemp salary and bring some of that Kemp confidence over to New York... we could use it!  

Now, Ned Colletti said Kemp's "not on the table", but everyone is on the table if the right deal comes about. Cashman's job is to do that... make that deal.

Are you listening, Brian?

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