Saturday, July 26, 2014


 BEWARE!! Dr. Cashmanstein is out late at night robbing graves in order to use the bodies for spare parts…

Yes, that is just flat out creepy and the thought of it is just unsettling. But in a way that’s kind of what Cashman is doing. The trade market is not too attractive at the moment, and unless you want to sell the farm for a broken down lemon like Cliff Lee…well, you’ll have to be creative.

I will give it to the fairly unpopular Yankee General Manager he is trying. Over the past week or so he has brought in Chase Headley, Brandon McCarthy and other spare parts like Chris Capuano, Jeff Francis and Hill.
(In Photo: Jeff Francis)
Yes, they aren’t names that will make you drop what you are doing and hop the 4 train to the Bronx, but they are low impact moves that may have a big upside. Both Headley and McCarthy have been pretty great since arriving from the NL West holes they were dwelling in. The chance to be in a pennant race and playing on Baseball’s Biggest Stage can be just the thing to restart a player’s engine. Both of these new Yankees have the potential to end up looking like a steal. They have both had success in the past and may thrive in New York…we’ll see.

Hey, can’t be worse than Nuno going every 5 days, and although we all loved Solarte, Headley is an ABSOLUTE defensive stud at the hot corner. With Chase and Ryan (No, I’m not retiring Jeet early, just making a point) at 3rd and Short the Yanks have the equivalent of three top notch NHL goalies on the left side of the infield.

But back to my point about what Cash is doing. I would love to see him land Matt Kemp at no real cost and have Kemp agree to play Right field, but that’s a long shot. And with Tampa still lurking you can FORGET ABOUT DAVID PRICE in pinstripes. But the moves Brian has made look like he is at least thinking like a GM. If he can construct this monster with a gaggle of “We signed who” and “He was great in 2010” type players, I will be happy to congratulate him and admit that my jabs and vote of ZERO confidence in him were premature…but if he fails I say we storm the castle, take him from his laboratory and banish him from the land for evermore!!

Good luck, Dr. Cashmanstein. We’ll be hoping to hear you cry out, “IT’S ALIVE!! IT’S ALIVE!!”

** It was a creepy post, so here’s a creepy song…by a GREAT band! **

--Mike O'Hara, MLB Fan Cave Host, Season 1
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