Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I don't have to tell you how much I love and appreciate guys like Bob Lorenz and Jack Curry of the YES Network.  I know you're right there with me.  True Professionalism. Class. Smart as hell and they do their job better than anyone.

Now I've followed Jack's career since the New York Times.  He was always good, but he gets better with  age and experience.  I have followed he and Pete Caldera for years, reading everything they wrote and knowing that what they're shoveling me, isn't crap.  They take the time to get it right.

I often say they provide "nuggets." What that means is, you can always find 1 really great piece of information the others don't have in their articles. Jack did it for a long time and it's because of that, that I've admired his work.  We even interviewed Jack for Bleeding Yankee Blue way back when we were just a "thing".  Read our interview with him below. By the way, I'm happy to report that BYB is no longer a "thing". We're an appointment, and we appreciate our BYB readers more than anything... you keep us going.

I've been watching Lorenz since he began on YES back in 2003.  I can honestly say that no one is more prepared than Bob. He's quick, witty and on top of the gig.  He makes you want to watch.  He engages you, he keeps you entertained and the combination of Bob and Jack in the studio is hands down, the best!  The best on YES, and quite possibly the best in sports.  No, in fact, THEY ARE. Sure, accuse me of kissing ass, whatever man. Truth be told, I like these guys, they are friends in our heads and it's refreshing.

Joking yesterday evening, I referred to Bob and Jack as stylish 70's cop show detectives:
You know, the guys that sit on the edge of the desk with their tie alittle undone and their sleeves rolled up looking at the deputy and yelling, "Get me Gonzalez! He's been dealing H!"  Luckily for us fans, we have "friends" in Lorenz and Curry.  Guys that know what jokes sound like and they responded to me and the BYB audience:

These 2 are class acts.  Know it and enjoy them. There is no one better, for information, knowledge, hard work and a few laughs.

I tip my cap, you guys are great! Keep up the great work!

And to my BYB audience... if you want to know more about Lorenz and Curry, or Starsky & Hutch, read our interviews with them:


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