Thursday, July 31, 2014


I don't understand this trade and I'm not sure I ever will.

As my friend Lisa Swan just posted on Facebook:

"I see Brian "Supergenius" Cashman strikes again. Drew's slash line is .176/.255/328. Kelly Johnson's is .219/.304/.373. And Drew is making $10 million this year; Johnson $3M. Oh, and Drew has never played any other position than shortstop in his career. Any time you can get a player having a worse year than your current player, plus he makes $7M more per year, plus the only position he knows how to play is the one currently filled by a retiring HOFer, you gotta make that deal!"

I'm with you Lisa.

 The Red Sox and the Yankees have made a swap. We get Drew and they get Johnson.  I like Drew, but I really like his defense. I don't like his bat.  Oddly, wasn't that what we went into today looking for? Any idea what the frig Brian Cashman is thinking?

But this tops it off for me though.  In my busy day, I casually asked around to a few of my writers to see if they could post the Drew story for all of you.  My funniest response back was from Mike O'Hara who wrote me:

"I am not home. I am at an audition, waiting and hating the news I am getting."

Yup... that's about right.

Wake up Cash... wake up.
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