Thursday, July 31, 2014


Ladies and gentlemen, I am very happy with this move.

Yup, right before the deadline end, the Yankees did something that can help.  The Yankees have sent Peter O'Brien to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Martin Prado. That story comes from everywhere, but we'll go with our buddy Jack Curry on this one:
Prado is a competitor. A second and third baseman and outfielder. He batted .270 with 5 home runs for the DBacks. Defensively, he's sound.

Pete O'Brien was doing well in the minor leagues for the Yanks, but he was no where near ready to come up and so, that's what you do at the trade deadline, you ship off prospects that others can perhaps utilize quicker than us.  It's all business and it's tough, but O'Brien will be a success.

I'm a Prado fan, I approve. Do you?

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