Thursday, July 3, 2014


Pitching wins ballgames.  You know how I know that? We're not winning.  Yes, the hitting and run scoring is a major problem, but that's another post for another time.  Bottom line, there are 4 guys that are out there that the Yankees need to try and get.  1 or 2 can be a big help.

Truth be told, the Yankees stink right now, but it's not like they're 10 games out. There is a very good chance we can make a nice run down the stretch, but we need some solid pitching to get us there.  Behind Masahiro Tanaka, you have to assume that soon enough CC Sabathia will be back and healthy.  We have Hiroki Kuroda, plus Chase Whitley or David Phelps are earning their spots and then there is a question mark.

  Ivan Nova is out for the year, Michael Pineda keeps having setbacks and Vidal Nuno hasn't exactly comforted me lately.

Consider these guys:

Cliff Lee: I know, he's old, he sometimes hurt and you're still pissed at him because he wasn't interested in coming to New York during his free agency year.  But truth be told, he'd be relatively cheap in a trade and could do the job for us right now if we needed him. 

Jeff Samardzija: Bleeding Yankee Blue wants him, and yes, he gets no run support from the Cubs, and yes, he probably won't do much better with the "Runners left on base" Yankees, but I'd put money on the fact that this Yankees lineup is ready to explode.  I welcome Jeff to New York. Let's make it happen.

David Price: Recently, Price said he'd shave to come to New York.  Well, I like that.  I don't however like our chances.  The Rays will want a boatload for this guy, plus, it's highly doubtful he'd ever be traded to the Yankees by a division rival. I know the Rays are in last place, but it still doesn't make sense to me.  Yes, I love Price, but no, it ain't happening.

Jason Hammel: He's solid, and the Cubs are allegedly shopping him.  If we can get him, he'd be helpful.  Some suggest he wouldn't be able to handle New York... I beg to differ.

4 names... 4 ideas to put in the starting rotation. We need to consider them. We need to shake things up... we need to start winning. Guess what wins ballgames?


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