Friday, May 23, 2014


I appeared on the Illinois Center for Broadcasting's SportsTown Chicago, the Fahey & Chivari radio show yesterday. The appearance was courteous, professional and I am an instant fan.

We talked about a lot of stuff, and I encourage you to take some time and check it out. Click on Fahey & Chivari above.

We spoke of Jeff Samardzjia, a guy who remains winless in Chicago with the Cubs, yet has a terrific ERA.   We recently wrote a piece on BYB by Suzie Pinstripe called SAMARDZIJA: WASTED TALENT IN THE WINDY CITY. In it, Suzie wrote this:  

"... he can’t reach his potential hanging around Wrigley Field as a Cubs starter.  The iconic team just isn’t cutting it for the rising star who is an athletic, injury-free 29-year-old pitcher...Could Samardzija make it in New York?  I think so.  “Samardzija, it has been noted by people close to him, has an amazing belief in his own ability. He also has the $10 million nest egg from a beefy signing bonus negotiated when the NFL was another option,” stated (Jon) Heyman.  Confidence can carry you very far and in the Bronx, you need a healthy dose of it, as the Yankees are not any ordinary team with ordinary media and fans.  But he is used to the spotlight, being a sports hero with one of the most beloved teams in the world." Suzie was referring to Notre Dame.  And Suzie made a lot of sense. The boys referenced it. 

Now, I agree with Suzie, although many fans believe a National League pitcher doesn't always translate to the American League. Maybe, maybe not, but you don't know unless you try.  I'd welcome Samardzjia.

We also talked about the move to make David Robertson our closer now that Mariano Rivera retired.  Here is what I said and it's sincere:

"We love David Robertson. We love David Robertson, we always have. You'll never replace Mariano Rivera. We all understand that. We all respect what David does.  We call him Houdini for a reason because he makes you alittle antsy when he's out there, but he pitches very well. He's always in the zone. We celebrate him there." 

That's the truth.  DRob is DRob, not Mo and I'm glad.  They are different players and pitchers and David will succeed for us. I have no doubt.

There was a lot more we spoke about.  We chatted about Yangervis Solarte, Dean Anna, Masahiro Tanaka and his first loss in Chicago, Brian McCann and Derek Jeter.

I also needed to break chops, and by the way, I knew I was in good company because while by Ryan and Paul are professionals, they also like to have fun.  They, like us here at BYB, run a tight ship, but don't take themselves too seriously.  At the end of the interview, click HERE to hear it, I asked Paul about his picture where he is holding a glass of wine while petting a cat on the Sportstown Chicago page.

It's hilarious and they both laughed hysterically.  I knew right then, we'd be fast friends.

I encourage you guys to support the Fahey & Chivari show and check in from time to time. I encourage you to listen to my interview with them.  I tip my cap, they made me feel comfortable and they're cool cats. Thanks guys.

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