Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I'm not sure how much longer I can stay calm. The fact of the matter is the Yankees suck...and that's no joke.

The Yankees are scoring runs, this is true... but the Yankees can't keep up, and the reason is because pitching is giving up too many runs.  Now, it's not a quick fix, but it needs to be fixed, no doubt about it. 

The Yanks scored 7 again tonight, but the New York Mets are actually good this season, much like my friend Dan, a Mets fan, predicted.  He claimed, "2014 is their year." I laughed, I mean, after all, it was 2012 when he said it, but look, I will continue to laugh, because I can't see the Mets good again EVER, but tip your cap to them tonight, because they beat us again.

Vidal Nuno started for the Yankees and went 3.1 innings. I was not impressed.  In fact, I liked the guy a helluva lot more before we started to consistently use him as a starter.  To be honest, I've been down on him, David Phelps and Adam Warren for about 2 weeks now.  I want hardcore, hard nosed, passionate starters and it's clear to me, these guys are "filler" and nothing more. Sure, Warren is now relief, but the same thing applies... I am not too impressed.  Sure, be mad at me...  you can. I'm just angry these days.

Alfredo Aceves who is normally good was bad tonight giving up 4 runs himself. Yuk. I am chalking it up as a bad outing. Maybe he'll bounce back.  It's clear the Yankees want him to succeed though, they've been using him like crazy. Tonight was definitely not his night.

Some of the Yankee highlights went like this;

In the first, Mark Teixeira singled home Brett Gardner. Then Brian McCann hit a 2 run homer.  In the bottom of the 4th, Gardy knocked home Yangervis Solarte. In the 5th, Alfonso Soriano singled home Jacoby Ellsbury

Oh and to top it off, Joe Girardi was tossed for arguing balls and strikes after a Kelly Johnson strikeout.  Sure, he was mad, but there was theater involved here. He was trying to get his team energized. Even Joe knows you can't win on a balls and strikes call.  I give him credit though.  It didn't help, but I like that a lot.

Final: Mets 12  - Yankees 7.

Start winning Yanks... or I will definitely get angry and turn into the Hulk...or something.

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