Sunday, January 12, 2014


Time to spend again in Yankeeland again, and according to what was reported yesterday, read AROD KO'ED! SELIG'S PLOT QUESTIONED. YANKS NOW SPEND!, we need a 3rd baseman, don't we? Here are 4 guys that the Yankees have been communicating with.  Some aren't even third baseman, but with some slight personnel moves, the puzzle pieces could fall into place. Who would you choose?

Michael Young: A source has told ESPN that Young is very much in the mix for the Yankees.  Andrew Marchand writes, "...the Yankees tried to trade for him prior to last July's deadline when he ended up with the Los Angeles Dodgers.  In 147 games in 2013, Young hit .279 with a .730 OPS. By comparison, Rodriguez had a .771 OPS in 44 games in '13. " He also wrote that the Yankees wouldn't go back to Young unless something happened with the ARod suspension. Well... we're there.

Dustin Ackley: Back when the Yankees were at the Winter Meetings, Ackley's name surfaced as a guy the Yanks were looking at.  How serious is it? I'm not sure.  This is what we do know; Ackley was a .253 hitter with a .660 OPS for the Mariners last season. Ironically, he wears number 13. He's not a power guy, only have 22 homers in the 3 years in Seattle.  He's a good fielder and would be a nice compliment to Brendan Ryan at short on the days Derek Jeter isn't manning his position... Ackley and Ryan are former teammates. I have heard nothing really about the Yankees / Ackley connection recently, but no doubt the Yanks are looking again. Also, one important part of this... Ackley's primary positions are first base, second base and center field. Not sure if they can make that trade, or if they even want to... but we shall see.

 Nick Franklin: Nick is a Mariners rookie and hit .225 last season with 12 home runs.  He has a lot to learn, but could work out well in the Bronx. Plus, most likely the price is cheap. The fans have been yelling about "young" and Michael Young is 37. Franklin is 22.  He's also a second baseman by trade, but young enough to mold, or sign and then move a guy like Eduardo Nunez to third instead.

Mark Reynolds: The Yanks liked Reynold's services, but were in a holding pattern re-signing him until they knew what would happen with Alex. But the timing just may be off because it's possible they waited too long.  The reports are Reynolds is talking to other teams and according to the Daily News, Reynolds, "...may be on the verge of signing elsewhere." Anthony McCarron also writes, "... a source labeled it 'unlikely' because the Yankees currently are offering him just a minor-league deal." I believe that probably has changed because of the ARod news.  The Yankees would have to move quickly now, so we shall see what happens with Reynolds.

There you have it, 4 guys the Yanks could consider to help secure their infield. What do you think?

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