Thursday, January 9, 2014


Trade winds have picked up more power than the Polar Vortex in New York these days. Homer Bailey is the latest nom du jour. The interwebz are ablaze with Bailey buzz. 

"We’re not trading (Homer Bailey.) We’re trying to sign him." 

That was Reds GM Walt Jocketty regarding this whole situation. But that was last month. Specifically, it was last December 11th. But much has changed in a very short amount of time.

Since then, the Yankees have turned down Cincinnati’s Brandon Phillips offer. Adding to the mix, Bailey is up for arbitration on January 14th, and the Reds are notorious for avoiding talks of this kind with players. Now, Cincinnati is considering moving salary to re-sign Bronson Arroyo. Bailey could be on the move.

The 27 year old Bailey would be far more desirable a starter than Bronson Arroyo, still languishing in the Free Agent Pool. For starters, the potential for development is much greater in Bailey. He is nine years younger than the 36 year old Arroyo, and an experienced young arm to go with Ivan Nova would fill a great need in the Yankees’ rotation.

Money-wise, Arroyo would be looking for something in the range of 2 years for $20-25 million. Bailey would be cheaper of course, and as he’s eligible for Free Agency in 2015, a good year from him would seem to be in the cards.

When it comes to their stats, Arroyo and Bailey are almost even. Bronson had an ERA of 3.79 last season, and went 14-12. Homer is comparable, with a better ERA of 3.49, his career best, and going 11-12.

Homer Bailey would appear to be the better deal from these angles. He’s younger, cheaper, due for a good year, and comparable in ability to Bronson Arroyo. Not to mention he has thrown two MLB no-hitters, one on July 2nd of last year, against the San Francisco Giants.

What this will probably cost the Bronx to get Bailey is Brett Gardner. His name was included in the failed Phillips deal, and the Reds still covet him. While this writer would prefer to hold on to Brett, the addition of Bailey would be a boon for the Yankees’ rotation. And it’s not like New York can’t spare any outfielders, after all.

For the most part, these trade rumors are just, well, rumors. But there might be some meat to this one. This site will keep an eye on things, so keep an eye on us. BYB readers are the most well informed Yankee fans for a reason.

To be continued?

--Chad R. MacDonald
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