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The end of July will be here before we know it! That means teams are trying to make deals before the trade deadlines comes. Some teams are looking to buy, like the Yankees. Others are looking to sell their players. We like to be buyers because we love to talk about the names we hear in the rumormill. Let's face it, this year we need to be buyers more than ever. So let's get to it!

Raul Ibanez: Seattle Mariners
Who wouldn't want him back? We were devastated that the Yankees didn't resign him during the offseason. He could be available again....maybe. The Mariners are still trying to decide if they want to be buyers or sellers by the time the trade deadline rolls around but realistically....they are sellers. They are 14 games out in their division and it is going to be very hard to catch Oakland or Texas. Larry Stone of the Seattle Times wrote HERE that the team is going to have to decide if his great presence in the clubhouse and fan appeal is worth the money he is being paid. If they were going to trade him they may take into consideration where he would like to go considering his tenure and reputation with the organization. If it came down to it....I really hope that he would choose to come back to us. It is possible. The Mariners are rumored to be looking for pitching. The Yankees are rumored to be shopping both Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain read that HERE. Both of them could perform better in pitcher friendly Safeco field. It may sound like a stretch, but you can't blame me for daydreaming right? If it does happen just remember you heard it here first!

Michael Young: Philadelphia Phillies: He makes sense for the Yankees. He can play both first and third base and would give Lyle Overbay some much needed breathing room. The last thing the Yankees need is for Overbay to go down, because there is no clear fill in and I would probably crawl into the fetal position at this point and start crying. But enough about that. I could see Young taking turns at both first and third on a regular basis. He hits for average with a .289BA, 26RBI and 6HR. His power numbers may not be the most impressive stat but he will put the ball in play, which is something we always need. Also worth noting, it has been rumored that the Phillies are interested in possibly trading Young because they need bullpen help. They were rumored to be interested in Joba Chamberlain, read that HERE. Sounds like a match to me!

Alex Rios: Chicago White Sox
The White Sox are going to be sellers. They are 14 games out in their division and are looking to shed some payroll. I like Rios because he has a good combination of speed and hitting. So far this season he has stolen 19 bases. He also has a .282BA with 11 homeruns and 40 RBIs. He could really help this team out. He can also hit both lefties and righties, so he wont be neutralized easily. Adding him to the outfield is an upgrade right now, as he has a better batting line then all of the Yankee outfielders as a whole. If we get him, he could be a long term investment for us. He is signed through 2015, and the Yankees could buy him out the last year of his contract. The White Sox would throw in some money also so that means he isn't very expensive. With Curtis Granderson's contract up at the end of the year there is some room there if the Yankees are interested in adding him. It's an interesting idea.

Russ Canzler: Looking for a new home!
Remember him? We had him before we signed Travis Hafner, but once we signed him the Yankees designated Canzler for assignment. The Orioles then picked him up and have also let him go. He may not have impressed during his short time with us....but he makes sense now. The Yankees struggle with hitting lefties. It's a constant struggle. This year in 82 plate appearances down in Triple A he has crushed lefty pitching and his line of .415/.531/.815 looks pretty impressive right about now. If the Yankees can pick him up off of waivers again, or sign him if he elects free agency he could be a key bench player for us. He would be a platoon player at first base with Overbay. The Yankees can also put him in left field on nights that they choose to DH Vernon Wells. And if an emergency situation pops up then he could also play third in a pinch. He is versatile and can hit lefties. I think he is worth a shot.

So that is it for rumor patrol....for now. We will definitely be listening for more names and writing about them as the trade deadline gets closer. Do any of these names interest you? Tell us!

--Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor

Twitter: @NyPrincessJ


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