Tuesday, July 16, 2013


There are many factors surrounding Alex Rodriguez...we know this.  He's been accused with about 20 other players for being attached to that Biogenesis clinic. A few years back he sat down with Peter Gammons on ESPN to talk about his dabbling in the Dominican Republic.  He's been a lightening rod since coming to the Bronx...again... we know it all if we're Yankee fans. 

Right now though, the investigation continues for Major League Baseball and the Biogenesis "list" that ARod's name is on.  Now, he has not been "officially" found guilty of anything involving Biogenesis yet.  Neither have the 20 others on that list.  As of yesterday afternoon, we knew nothing more because MLB was tight-lipped about their investigation... the way it should be... until now.

Bud Selig decided to go on David Letterman and dangled a carrot to the baseball world.  On the Late Show with David Letterman, the exchange went like this, (courtesy of the Daily News HERE):

"'Is he one that might be suspended?' the Late Show host asked Selig.

'I'd rather not say,' Selig answered

Letterman: 'Because you know, don't you?'

 Selig: 'I do, I do. The answer is I do.'

The audience cheered."

Sure, Selig didn't say anything, but he said something by NOT saying anything.  Alex is getting suspended, that's pretty much confirmed listening to Selig. But there's more to it.  It's bad business.  If this was a serious investigation by Major League Baseball, why in the hell is Selig putting himself out there?  Why in the hell couldn't he have just said "no comment" or maybe tell Letterman before the interview, "Look, this is a serious investigation, we can't talk about it." All this does is adds fuel to the fire.

It's my opinion that the dog-and-pony show continues... and MLB is once again not serious about any of this and is making a mockery of this whole mess.  They will use ARod as their whipping boy and as they made that obvious last night with Selig holding the reigns, every media outlet will pick it up and continue to use ARod in their headline.  Nevermind there are 20 guys on this "list".

Finally, let me be clear... I do not defend cheaters... I do believe however in letting this thing play out. By "this" I mean the Biogenesis scandal. This investigation was supposed to be thorough, private and in-depth. But, the worst part though? Bug Selig is playing it out publicly now and he shouldn't.  If he was serious, REALLY serious, he would keep his mind on the investigation and stop doing interviews... it's reckless and it's unfair to the one's accused. Once the investigation concludes... do all the interviews you want... but don't open your trap in the middle of it. Come on.

That's my take at least.

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