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To make life easier, I have compiled both Parts 1 & 2 of the interview Bleeding Yankee Blue conducted with Jorge & Laura Posada for our audience.  It's easier to read, it's in one place and easier to share with friends. Once again, a special Thank you to the Posadas. --Casey

BYB: Laura, Bleeding Yankee Blue have been huge fans of the Posada family.  Many were sad once Jorge retired. That being said, you've been great keeping us in the loop since his retirement through social networks.  Tell our audience, what is a typical day is like in the Posada house these days?   

Laura Posada: Right now we are already on summer break.  We take it easy in the summer and focus on outdoor activities.  Jorge takes our son to baseball and Paulina plays softball.  We're also taking a trip to Italy which will be Jorge's first visit, so he's looking forward to it.  Around the house, it’s great to have him!  He has become a BBQ expert and surprises us with his grilling skills!

BYB: Bleeding Yankee Blue is geared toward the New York Yankees and family.  What makes a family successful to you?   

Laura: I've always said that families need to work as a team.  It is very important to learn how to work together and learn about each other's strengths and weaknesses in order to support each other to achieve their dreams.  Selfishness never works to benefit the family unit.  Finally, as parents, we need to teach our children by example!

BYB: My 10 year is passionate about baseball. In a lot of ways, he reminds me of you Jorge. What phrase could you tell my son to keep him inspired on the baseball field, even when he may have a discouraging day at the plate?   

Jorge Posada: I would always say "Grind it!"

BYB: My son asked me to also ask you "What made Mr. Posada want to become a catcher?"

Jorge: I loved Thurman Munson and he inspired me with his actions on and off the field.  I wanted to model my career after him and of course Yogi Berra.

BYB: Laura, What makes your marriage with Jorge work so well?   

Laura: I think we respect and support each other even though we might not agree on everything.  It also helps that we share the same interests regarding health and fitness. We understand the things in life that are really important to us; Love,  family and health and we live life to the fullest.

BYB: Laura, you obviously love Jorge home with the family, but what if the Miami Marlins or the Los Angeles Dodgers called one day to interview Jorge as a new manager, is that a good or bad thing?   

Laura: I have always supported him in his baseball career and I think it would be his decision.  In life, you need to be content with your choices and if he feels ready then let's play ball!

BYB: OK, You and Jorge can have a choice of 3 couples to have dinner with, living or dead in baseball and other.  Who would those couples be? And yes, my wife and I are available...     

Laura: I think we should definitely make it happen, but just for fun, I'll give you 3 others.  I would say Thurman Munson and his lovely wife Diana, Roberto Clemente and his wife Vera and Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe.

BYB: We have to know... How did you and Jorge meet?  

Laura: We met when we were teenagers on a baseball field where he was the umpire for my softball game.  After the game ended, we both went our separate ways until we met again at a restaurant in Puerto Rico.  After a mutual friend introduced us, he remembered he had met me at the softball game and told his roommate I was the girl he wanted to marry.

BYB: Tell our audience your favorite moment of Jorge as a New York Yankee?

Laura: Honestly, it was an honor for me to watch him grow as baseball player every year and in many different situations.  However, I think for me, the most special moment was his last year.  Even though he struggled, it was amazing for me to see the love and support that his fans continued to give him every single time he stepped out on the field.  It gave me chills to hear the stadium cheer as they did for Jorge with their “Hip Hip Jorge!”

BYB: Personally, my favorite moment of Jorge's was him clinching his fists during the 2003 ALCS tying the game with a double against Pedro Martinez. Where were you when it happened?

Laura: Yes, I was right there and that was an Epic moment!  Getting a hit off Pedro in 2003 was not an easy task and due to the history of "love" between them, it just made it a little sweeter!  As a spectator, you could feel the electricity in your body when he got that double.

BYB: Laura, please tell us some of the projects you are working on now and where our audience can get more information about them and you!  

Laura: Right now, the second season of my show Manual de Supervivencia is airing in South America on Utilisma which is part of the Fox Family.  Soon it will also start airing in the US market.

BYB: Jorge, Who did you have the best chemistry with when it came to your battery mate in all your years as a catcher?   

Jorge: My definite best was Andy Pettitte.  I also enjoyed Roger Clemens, David Wells and CC Sabathia, of course.

BYB: Jorge, how do you feel about the phrase "Cour Four" describing you, Jeet, Mariano and Andy?

Jorge: It's an honor because they are my brothers.  We grew up together and spending so many years as teammates is something I will never forget.

BYB: We've stated here how we'd love you to be a personality on YES, maybe even ave your own show. Would you ever consider pitching something like that? Hey, I'll help you with a treatment, what do you say?  

Laura: I have never explored that possibility, but if you have an idea don't be shy...

BYB: Finally. I know you've read Bleeding Yankee Blue, and you also know I'm a dad who does this with a bunch of smart Yankee fans and writers.  First, what do you think of BYB?  Secondly, how can we improve?  

Laura: I think you do an amazing job with your pieces.  You are honest and you keep things  real!  I know it is sometimes difficult to find the inspiration to put into words exactly what your thoughts are, but if you just start writing from your heart the words will flow!
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