Saturday, June 15, 2013


Sorry for the late post this morning... I needed to sleep... sue me.

The Yankees are a mess, aren't they?  What was once a dominant offensive team is suddenly having trouble fighting there way out of a paper bag.

Look, I'm not looking for them to win 162 games, but I'd like some consistency.  Sure, you can joke and say "Well Casey, their consistently losing!" You're a freaking riot...funny.  I just mean get a 4 game winning streak going, then maybe we lose 2 and come back and win another 4.  We should be playing better than we are.

Andy Pettitte was not vintage Andy Pettitte.  He went 7 innings, he gave up 11 hits and 4 runs.  It wasn't a good outing and the Yanks can easily get 4 or 5 runs in this spot, but suddenly, they can't. Andy Pettitte isn't the only one out on the field here, come on.

The hitting and fielding went like this: David Adams knocked in Robinson Cano and Vernon Wells. The end. Seriously.  That was the 4th inning.

Wells was 1-4 and is currently batting .229. He needs to turn it around.  The other lousy news was the Yankees only had 6 hits all night.

The good news, Thomas Neal was called up and went 1-2. Good for him.  I really like Neal. We did a piece on him a while back titled...HUGE PROPS TO YANKEE THOMAS NEAL. Read it.

Final: Angels 5 - Yankees 2.

Come on Yanks... wake up!

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