Monday, April 22, 2013


I don't know who it was, but someone on Twitter or Facebook or something liked the pictures that Natalia (She's @NataliaYank2530 on Twitter) made of Andy Pettitte and David Robertson as cats and asked... "I want to see Yogi the cat." That's right, Yogi Berra, Hall of Fame Yogi Berra... as a cat.  So, I did what any Yankee fan would do, I listened and asked Natalia to do her best. She did and here it is.

Now, for me personally, I don't get it. But Natalia has started something pretty interesting, hasn't she? Yankees as cats. Who knew... a new fad maybe? Maybe we should make T-Shirts, although, I'm not sure why we would. I mean, to be honest, even Natalia herself doesn't get it, she told me as much. I will say this though, she's dedicated and she's willing to please. So if you have a Yankee cat request, make it to Bleeding Yankee Blue and we'll ask Natalia if she can make a Yankee Cat thingy for us to post on BYB for you.  I personally would love a Stankiewicz the Cat, or a Sample the Cat, or who knows... maybe Mattingly the cat? Who doesn't love Mattingly... but now you may be able to love him... as a cat.

If you haven't seen Pettitte the Cat, here he is:

Of course, it was DRob the cat that started this whole thing.   You can check him out below:

The funniest part of that was DRob writing Natalia on Twitter asking if that was actually him as a cat.  I guess he was startled... or something.

Whatever the case, big shout out to my friend the artist / cat person, Natalia... She likes cats... she likes the Yankees... she's making magic.  Yankee Cat pictures... boo-yah!

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