Sunday, March 3, 2013


There has been a lot of daydreaming ever since CurtisGranderson got shut down with a broken forearm, read HERE.  Many want to go back in time and get that outfielder that we could have as a backup.  Others are watching Russell Martin mash the ball in Pittsburgh and wonder why the Yankees never made an official offer if Martin was so “Munson-like” like Cashman suggested.  Let me tell you something, if a catcher is “Munson-like”, you never let them walk, but the Yankees did.

The point is Yankee fans are funny.  We feel entitled and that’s because of George, who went out and got the players the Yankee fans wanted, and even if we didn’t want them, tough... he knew he could collect a team who had a legitimate shot at winning it all and he was the Boss.  It started with Reggie Jackson and Catfish Hunter and he never looked back.
Now, here were are years later. George is dead and we saw several players who contributed in their own way the past few years, only to be shown the door without a clear indication as to why.  So I ask you… who do you miss most?  If you had to choose 1 guy, who would you pick to come back to the Yankees right now?  We’ll open it up to the past 7 years or so and this exercise is nothing more to engage you and when this poll is complete, we’ll write a piece about it.  There are plenty of guys who left that offered something to the Yankees, even small contributions, but they did.  So, it’s a poll.  Choose from guys who walked or we let walk as recently as Russell Martin and Raul Ibanez and as far back as Johnny Damon and Jason Giambi.  Sure, many factors go into the thinking, but to set the stage, we'll make it this simple:

Right now, at this present time, if you had to choose 1 guy to come back tomorrow and contribute to the Yankees' run for #28 in 2013, who would it be? Vote. Comment below and keep it light. There are guys like Eric Chavez and Hector Noesi and Raul Ibanez and Jesus Montero.  Vote and we’ll talk about it in more depth when the poll is complete. And if I missed one, write it in the comments section:

Johnny Damon

(In Photo: George Kontos)

Have fun with this.
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