Monday, December 10, 2012


I did my reading like I always do... when I can of course. Life comes at you pretty quick, it ain't easy.  But I found a Tweet on the Yankees reaching out to AJ Pierzynski and I read this nugget to it HERE:
I laughed alittle.  Now, I don't know if this nugget is actually true, or if it's from "someone familiar with the situation", as Heyman likes to say, but for argument sake, let's' say it is true... Heyman's the baseball insider and I'm the guy in my basement with my worn out Reggie t-shirt, sipping a peach Snapple, he's got the upper hand on this one.  
The fact of the matter is, if the Yankees floated their concern of AJ being an "average" catcher, why the hell weren't they willing to throw alittle extra money on "Munson-like" Russell Martin? I mean if you say "Munson-like", like Cashman threw out there about Martin last season, you know what that means right? It means the guy has the potential to be a true leader, a warrior, a great defensive catcher and perhaps one day being the best catchers in the game, like Thurman Munson.

But no, they let Martin run off to Pittsburgh and now they're toying with the idea of AJ Pierzynski as their new catcher, read HERE, but their concern is he's not better than average.  If you aren't laughing hysterically at this point, read it again, because you should be.  It begs the question... who the hell's running my New York Yankees?
Look, do the Yankees need a top catcher? Sure they do, but there is also a lot of people in Yankeeland that will give the keys to Francisco Cervelli and Chris Stewart with an option to see Austin Romine by June... and they're fine with that.  Me? I think we could use an upgrade, but I'm happy to let Cervelli get an opportunity to shine, he's earned it.  We'll just have to see how it plays out, because right now it looks like Yankee brass is kind of sluggish on a lot of guys in alot of moments where they used to be aggressive.

But back to being "Munson-like" for a moment... am I the only one who thinks the Yankees reasoning to balk on Pierzynski is ridiculous?  Why are they floating it if they know the phrase "Munson-like" is going to come back to bite them in the ass?  Or, maybe they're just so unorganized these days they don't even realize that they're contradicting themselves...

I feel like it's going to be a crazy 2013, the Bronx Zoo revisited... anyone agree?

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