Thursday, March 7, 2013


With Mark Teixeira out for 8 to 10 weeks, read HERE, many have gone into full panic mode in Yankeeland.  I'm not yet. An Opening Day pitch has not been thrown yet... it's the Spring. I just can't get crazy about it yet. I will tell you that the idea of certain dudes internally already available for 1st or 3rd has diminished.  

Yes, we have Kevin Youkilis, and he'll fill in for Alex Rodriguez, but we lost Nick Swisher and Eric Chavez, 2 guys that would be have been great at first base in Tex's absence.   No bother... we can't go back in time, what's done is done. We don't have them and no one would have predicted this.

(In Photo: Juan Rivera)
Is Dan Johnson the answer at first base? He may have to be.  Will Juan Rivera also contribute there? Sure, but we may also need him in the outfield.  Questions, questions and luckily for me, I don't have to come up with the answers, the Yankees do.

Brian Cashman isn't too excited about the free agents that can fill in either by the way.  He was asked about it and as you can see from Mark Feinsand of the Daily News's Tweet below, Cashman's statement is obnoxious:

Now, Carlos Lee and Aubrey Huff are out there as possible "plug-ins" for the Yankees,  this is true.  After all ,they are still free agents. But the reality is, they either need to suck it up and just make a phone call to Cash and tell them that they'd be happy to sign on, OR they should just turn their back on the Yankees and tell Cashman to scratch.
(In Photo: Carlos Lee)
Cashman meant nothing by it his "pee in the pool" statement.  He was trying to be provocative, and he believes in what we have internally. But the reality is, that statement is insulting and cuts deep if you're a player still on the junk heap.  Me personally, I don't see how this Tex situation is as major as everyone else thinks it is.  Sure, without him, Granderson and Alex, we lose a shit load of home runs, but there are 2 things we can do... play small ball and manufacture runs the way baseball should sometimes be played, or the Yankees need to go out and get a big bopper or... 2.   Sitting on the sidelines questioning what can be done, is no way to go through life... the Yankees need to act.  The question is, what will Cashman do?  

Quick, someone get Giancarlo Stanton on the phone...not only will that provide stability in the outfield, but we'd also have more options at first. I know... I know, I'm silly. But the idea of Stanton in pinstripes would be glorious.

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