Tuesday, February 5, 2013


 Russ Canzler has been claimed off waivers 4 times this winter.   The only other person that was claimed off waivers close to that was Eli Whiteside and it happened 3 times for him, read HERE.  Now you may ask "Well, who cares about Eli Whiteside?" I don't, just trying to make a comparison, plus, I just like writing Eli Whiteside.  The only thing better would be if his nickname was "Whitey" Whiteside.

Anyway... I'm off track and I apologize.  Russ Canzler, who was just Designated for Assignment last week by the New York Yankees has just been signed by the Baltimore Orioles, read HERE.  The Orioles designated Luis Martinez for assignment.  If the Yankees were smart, they would sign Luis Martinez, just so I can write a new "Guess where Luis Martinez just landed" piece.  Better yet... Maybe they can put Steve Pearce on waivers...

OK... I'm officially delirious...

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