Thursday, February 14, 2013


So, I was reading through Francisco Cervelli's comments when he spoke to the press on the 13th and of course the Biogenesis stuff came up, I mean, why wouldn't it?

In his statement on Tuesday the press he said, Cervelli said "When I got my foot injured in 2011, I checked with doctors and somebody recommended me Biogenesis... I went there for maybe suggestions, and that’s it... I walked away without nothing in my hands. I just went there, talked and that’s it.” That story is HERE.

OK fine. But then I got to thinking about what he told everyone on Twitter the night the story broke and how Francisco Cervelli's name was connected to the clinic and Anthony Bosch's notebook.  We wrote in FRANCISCO CERVELLI SHEDS LIGHT ON "THE LIST" that Cervelli said on Twitter... and here's the proof:

 OK, so now I'm confused on a few levels.  Cervelli walked out with nothing, yet, he "purchased supplements" that he was certain were NOT prohibited by Major League Baseball.  Yet, not one person in the press challenged him on this? Clearly he's not telling the truth here and hey, I'm willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt here, but he is clearly building a defense against this Bosch notebook and I'm not sure I'm buying it right now.

Secondly, as we wrote in WHY WOULDN'T A TOP ATHLETE BE MORE CAREFUL?, "You have to think that most of these athletes can contact any top level physical out there for advice.  Then why be connected to Bosch?" One can only assume that contacting Bosch was because maybe you could get alittle something. You can draw your own conclusions from that.

Put it this way, I'm not 100% passing judgement right now, but clearly I am getting fed up real fast with this crap.  So, what's the story Frankie?

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