Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I miss Jorge Posada in a Yankee uniform.  That's a fact.  So, it was great to know that Jorge Posada would be at Spring Training this season to help instruct and get the boys ready for the new season. Now, you can assume that official publications got the scoop about Jorge, but the reality is, this piece of information was "hinted" way before the New York Post or the Star Ledger.  How did I know Jorge was gonna be there? Well, it was from his wife, Laura Posada, who is probably one of the best PR Queens ever! Again, it was a subtle hint and well, it developed into something bigger.

You see, God love her, Laura tweeted some pictures of Jorge Posada and her in Yankee uniforms early last week. That triggered my interest.  Later, she Tweeted more, this time with her suiting up in pinstripes. It became evident to me and many others that there was something special coming.
It turns out that Laura was part of a Women's Mini- Fantasy Yankee camp in Florida last week and many of the past players were there, as well as their wives. it was the 3rd year of this event.  Laura and many others suited up for the camp and again, while I didn't see alot of publicity for this, other than the Yankees press release HERE, Laura was the one who reached out to the fans with plenty of pictures of the Posadas and the rest of the gang playing the greatest sport on earth... baseball.

My love for the Posadas is crystal clear. I have been a fan of Jorge since he came up with the club and we are the same age, within days of each other. Sure, that means nothing, but when I see Jorge play, I see and appreciate that drive and passion for the game. One Leo can always pick out another Leo in a lineup, it's just how it works.

The reality is, seeing Laura and Jorge suited up gets me psyched for baseball.  It's January, but it's coming quick ladies and gentlemen.  It's funny how easily the speculation begins when Jorge is in uniform. Immediately you heard the cries for "comeback." But Jorge gave the best answer any retired player could give:  “No comeback for me... I’m good with what I’m doing, and I was happy with the decision I made last year around this time. I’m enjoying the family.”

I love that. Sure, Jorge loves the game, he misses the game and we all get that.  But happiness makes the heart grow fonder and Jorge is happy being home. You gotta love and respect that.  He went on to say "I like coaching, I like helping out, but I don’t see myself doing it right now.” (Read the New York Post HERE.) Hmm, now I'm speculating... wouldn't it be nice to see Jorge managing the Yankees one day?

Life... Love... Yankees. You gotta love the Posadas.

Hey Laura, thanks for posting some great pics!

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