Friday, January 18, 2013


The planets were aligned the way Yankee fans thought they’d be.  I mean, the reality was, we were supposed to be on the other end of that Michael Morse trade. Instead, the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics worked with the Washington Nationals and came up with the right combination of players and now Michael Morse is just a dream, read HERE.
Michael Morse is no superstar ballplayer.  Morse is a right handed batter with power.  The perfect player for what Brian Cashman was looking for when he told  the world that he wasn’t interested in a left handed DH (like Raul Ibanez), but instead, a righty outfielder with power, read HERE.  

Now Michael Morse and Raul Ibanez are teammates (think about that) and we are standing at the bus stop with mud on our coat. What the hell just happened? I’d like to say that I was hit in the gut, but the reality is I should have saw this coming.  It’s times like this that Yankee fans actually DO know what we’re talking about. Michael Morse needed to be in pinstripes.  We were willing to look at all the data and hinting by Yankee brass and conclude logically… “OK, so the idea of a big time free agent isn’t in the budget. Morse is a trade. We don’t have to give away the farm, we just need to give away enough to get him.” We settled on it! We learned to like it.  We read the tweet (HERE) by Jack Curry of YES that stated that the Yankees and Nationals would talk about a trade. 
Tell me the Yankees floated that just to keep us quiet… tell me that...  and I’ll punch a wall.

I will hold my Yankee owners accountable if they went to the media and swore “they weren’t done yet” and yet, they ARE done.  It would not only piss me off, it would help me organize my summer, something I've been saying I'd do for the past month now... not go to games.  The fans deserve what we want and if brass don’t get the players to better our team… I just won’t go to games anymore.  Why pay the money if we’re not going to see guys we want?  This is not a boycott, please don’t misunderstand me.  This is a stand against an aggravated off season.  

They’d be on Double Secret probation in my own mind, then, when I felt like going again, I’d lift it.  I’m a Yankee fan after all, I wouldn’t be able to say away too long.

I know Brian Cashman never disappoints and I’m his biggest fan.  But I’m also not going to sit here and write about how he’s about to do something great for us Yankee fans and we’re going to love it.  Because, let’s face it, I just don’t think he can. It’s not that he doesn’t want to, but let’s be honest, Cashman has been reduced to a puppet and it all started when Rafael Soriano was signed against his wishes. 

Cashman no longer makes decisions.  Cashman needs to “check in.”  That’s my opinion of course, and to be honest, if that’s the case, it’s a shame.

The Yankees have a great ball club, but the sluggish off season is getting on my nerves and  I know it’s getting on yours as well.  Players have come and gone this winter.  Some of those big time free agents were just not in the cards and I understood  that, especially if you have the $189 million salary cap staring you in the face, but there are great players that the Yankees can trade for and nothing has been done.  And not to beat a dead horse, but if Giancarlo Stanton, Justin Upton and Michael Morse are standing in a lineup, and you know what you know about money, and how the Yanks are less likely to give up farmhands, etc… who are you choosing? Morse would have been perfect and now most likely Yankee brass WON’T go after the others because the cost is too large.

Let’s face it, the Yankees blew it.  They should hold a press conference just to tell us that, because at least then I can respect their decision even though I wouldn't agree with it.  But if they keep telling me “we’re not done yet” and nothing get’s done… I’d be happy to not travel to the Bronx this summer…. Not as a boycott, but as a stand. 

That’s right… do something that makes sense Yanks, or you’re on Double Secret probation… by me!

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