Wednesday, January 16, 2013


There is no doubt about it.  There comes a time and place where Yankee fans are definitely onto something when we suggest certain players or certain moves Yankee brass needs to make to better our club.  We do it because we believe in our team and while we may not know the "ins" and "outs" of player contracts, injury reports and the like, we do know what we need.  Tonight, it's been revealed that a guy the Yankees should have traded for has slipped away.  It's not only a shock, it's a disappointment and freaking embarrassing and I ask... what in God's name are the New York Yankees doing? Hey... anyone want BYB as the Yankee GM?
I kid of course, but there is absolutely no reason and no excuse for Michael Morse to slip through the Yankees fingers.  Brian Cashman is either sleeping right now and has no idea this trade just happened and will read it tomorrow on BYB or he's about to get bitch slapped by Yankeeland, or, both.  No excuse, this was a smart player to pick up and we didn't do the job...again!

Morse was involved in a 3 team deal, he went to Seattle.  AJ Cole went to the Nationals from the Oakland Athletics and Mariners catcher John Jaso went to the A's. Read HERE.  

Now, I ask you... was a 3 team trade really needed to net Michael Morse? No.  There was definitely a combination of players the Yankees could have sent to Washington to snag Morse.  He would have been a good addition for the Yankees.  A right handed bat with power, something Cashman said we needed, remember?  Morse is a part time outfielder, a first baseman and he could even fill in as a part time Designated Hitter. He was right there in our grasp... plain and simple, but NO.  The Yankees either have something up their sleeve or all their talk about "not being done yet" is just a bunch of crap. Don't blow smoke Hal, do something.

I said it earlier today in WE NEED TO HOLD YANKEE BRASS TO THEIR WORD, and we do. Now Morse is gone. Now we need to get that right handed bat... Guess what? Giancarlo Stanton and Justin Upton appear to be the only other 2 options left and I don't have much faith.

So... what's it gonna be Cash? What's it gonna be?

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