Tuesday, January 15, 2013


When I read Yankees minor league hitting coach Butch Wynegar say that he wished he had “25 Cervellis" last week, read HERE, I smiled.  Finally.  Finally someone in the Yankees organization sees this guy give his heart and guts out there every single game and finally someone sends a message to Yankee brass… “Cervelli needs that starting catching role in 2013.”

Last season, on the last day of the spring training, Yankee fans were shocked.  Normally in Spring training, you see a kid give his all and “wins” a spot on the team roster.  Many of us Francisco Cervelli fans knew Cisco had it in the bag. He had a great spring and deserved a spot.  Then, Chris Stewart arrived to Yankee Stadium after the Yankees made a last minute trade and Stewart got the back up catching job.  Cervelli… he was sent to the minor leagues where he stayed until September. 

Ironically, on October 1st, Cervelli came in a game late and was right in the middle of a big come from behind win.  The point is, he should have been there all season, but he wasn't.

This is not a hit piece on Chris Stewart. He did nothing wrong. But logic will tell you that when a player shows blood and guts, he needs to be rewarded, not pushed away. It makes you scratch your head.  Cervelli disappeared all season.  But now… now he has a shot.  I tip my cap to Butch Wynegar for sending a message...Cisco needs a spot in 2013.  Hopefully he gets it.

Now you know how much I love Jorge Posada.  Not because I adore how he and Laura handle themselves and their family, that is 1 reason, but there’s more to it. Passion. Drive. Believing in ones self.  Jorge Posada was one of the toughest competitors out there.  He showed the doubters that he could do it, and did.  He may not have been the best catcher in the league, but he was tough as nails, he took losses hard and made big moments bigger, all because he was there.  5 rings later, he was satisfied and walked away from the game knowing he gave his all and the fans fell in love and will never forget what he did for New York.

Francisco Cervelli can be that Jorge Posada. Don’t miss understand me, I am not comparing players.  I am merely suggesting that when the doubters start their doubting, Cervelli doesn’t hang his head. Cervelli straps on the gear and shows a passion so ferocious, you just can’t take your eyes off him, almost to say “What’s Cisco gonna do next?” No, he’s not a superstar, but he plays like he wants to be, much like Posada. Passion. Drive. Believing in ones self.  Sound familiar?

I love passion on the field and have expressed that with alittle piece I wrote called I WANT 25 PAUL O’NEILL’S OUT THERE!  There’s nothing wrong with that statement, because, much like Paulie, like Posada, Francisco Cervelli can also lead the Yankees at some capacity if given that starting catcher job.  Look, no one is asking for a .350 hitter with 25 home runs from Cervelli, but don’t tell him that.  He shoots for the stars every time he’s out there.  He can fist pump and shout all day long as far as I’m concerned. Why? Because his heads in the game and as a fan, like me… that’s all I want.  A tough as nails player who’s engaged and believes that his team can run though a brick wall.  That’s what the fans pay for… that winning mentality.

So yeah, truth be told, I believe in Cisco.  I don’t know what Brian Cashman plans on doing with the catching role officially.  I mean, he’s made it clear that Austin Romine will start in AAA and that leaves Chris Stewart and Francisco Cervelli to duke it out.  Everyone believes that’s the scenario at least.  But don’t forget, it was right around this time last year that we had Jesus Montero coming up with the Yankees for a brilliant breakout  2012 season… but Jesus ended up doing that in Seattle. The point is when it comes to Cashman, it's anyone's guess. 

Bottom line, I believe in Cervelli, because Cervelli believes in himself.  And believing means doing and doing means winning…

That’s my take anyway.

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