Sunday, December 9, 2012


Visiting with BYB readers is pretty cool.  My schedule rarely allows it, but there was 1 moment when I met a couple of guys from 9000 miles away and we’ve become tight ever since.
You know Charles & Joey Moses right? We had a brew together and I wrote about it in BYB, AUSTRALIA & THE BIG APPLE . Since then, we chat it up once a week or so. They’re real good guys.

Why do you care? Several reasons.  I never thought  it was possible that there could be bigger Yankee fans outside of the Tri-state area, but I was dead wrong.  Joey and Charles are Yankee die-hards and secondly, they’re family men, like me.  But it really fascinated me that they could be such huge Yankee fans... from Australia.  I love that!
Maybe that’s why they connect with me so and Yankees.  Do you guys remember when we wrote LIFE, LOVE & YANKEES, 9000 MILES AWAY? We had fun with that piece too and again, it connected to Charles Moses... family life and the Yanks.  We introduced the BYB family to the new grandchild of Charles, Joseph, and made Warren, his son-in-law an international blog celeb! 
Now, we share more.  Introducing Sarah and Eve, 2 more grandchildren of Charles.  He sent me this picture to be entered in our Bleeding Yankee Blue's Fan of the Week drawing.  With a wink and a smile, I emailed him back to let him know that I'd do one better, and so, here you have it, a post especially for our Yankee audience in Oz and for you guys to smile this morning.  Life is good.
Happy Sunday everyone.

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