Thursday, December 27, 2012


Mike Napoli hasn't signed on the Red Sox contract dotted line and not there is word from Rob Braford of, HERE, that another team has emerged to most likely try and give Mike Napoli what he wants.  I immediately thought about Brian Cashman in that moment... then I realized it wasn't the winter or 2009 and Mike Napoli wasn't Mark Teixeira.

Bradford says this: " least one team has been in communication with Mike Napoli's representatives regarding the free agent infielder's status since negotiations with the Red Sox hit a snag. According to one source, it is believed no contract offer has been extended by a team other than the Sox since the early December agreement with Boston.

The Red Sox and Napoli have yet to finalize a three-year, $39 million deal -- which was agreed upon on Dec. 3 -- due to concerns surfaced after the 31-year-old underwent the Red Sox' physical examination..."

Sure, the likelihood of the Yankees trying to poach Napoli is possible, but I don't think it's REALLY happening.  I will bet you that they checked in again though.  I have never bought into the "Austin Romine will shine in 2013" stuff they are promoting in Yankeeland.  You've heard me say I'd give Francisco Cervelli a shot, he earned it, even Chris Stewart, but I honestly don't see Romine behind the dish. You guys disagree. Bottom line, if Romine turns out to be the guy, I'll root for sure!

Whatever happens with this story, we'll tell you.  I'm very curious who that other team is, aren't you? Again, let me state for the record, I'm not so sure about Mike Napoli either, but we'll stay's a Yankee tactic they've pulled off before, stay tuned.

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