Monday, December 3, 2012


Joel Sherman just Tweeted HERE that Alex Rodriguez will miss the beginning of the 2013 season because he will be undergoing another surgery for his hip.

Say what you will about Alex, but the guys having a tough time and I like the guy. Many have given up, I respect that opinion as well.  Sure, it's been speculated that the reason why ARod is having all these problems is because of whatever he shot into him, PEDs, etc.  I'm not getting into that. I'm not smart enough to know all of that stuff.  My take is simple. For the sake of Alex and the Yankees, I hope he makes a speedy recovery and comes back to be a success for the Yankees again.
No question now... the Yanks need to try and figure out who to get for infield help.  Remember, Derek Jeter may not be ready at the beginning of the season either... that's a gaping hole on the left side.

Eric Chavez? Jeff Keppinger? Scott BrosiusAnyone? Anyone? Stay tuned...

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