Tuesday, November 27, 2012


With chatter coming from Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.com HERE and Andrew Marchand HERE, I believe that there is no doubt that Russell Martin will be back in pinstripes...soon! 

According to Heyman: "Talks involving Martin generally were said to be 'heating up,' as the catching market is starting to move. The Rangers, who are also looking at their own Mike Napoli, had Martin on their list, too. The Pirates, Mariners and maybe the White Sox are also considering catchers.

As of several days ago, the Yankees and Martin were seen as apart on dollars. But progress has been seen over the weekend."

Marchand says " the free-agent catcher has recently visited "multiple cities" to gauge his comfort level..."  That's not only a tactic by Martin, it's a smart tactic.  But in the end, Martin knows he wants to be a Yankee and the Yankees want him back. Sometimes playing hard to get will get you what you need with your employer. In this case... the New York Yankees.

If I had to predict, I say a 3 year deal for Russell. I'm not even going to wonder off and think about the money because like I stated in NAPOLI WANTS A 4 YEAR DEAL, AND IN OTHER HILARITY...,
Mike Napoli wants 4 years and that is public, the next thing I do as Russell Martin is call the Yanks and ask for less.  I have no doubt that's what happened. That will for sure cement my next 2 or 3 years in pinstripes.  4 years for Napoli is just plain stupid.

Yankee fans like Martin. I know I do and I'm telling you, last year was a fluke for Martin with his bat... nothing more.  Expect him to bounce back and have a good year offensively. I believe that. 

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