Friday, November 9, 2012


I'm not a scotch drinker. When it comes to an alcoholic beverage, I'm content with an ice cold Corona with a lime, but when I listened to the recent radio ad for Johnnie Walker Black Label with Jorge Posada making his best pitch, I'm not going to lie... I went out and picked some up. On that rare occasion I drink scotch, I dig it.
Look, let's be honest, I'm Team Posada. The family appears to be lovely. Laura is active on Twitter and Facebook with the fans, they give back to communities and have their foundation, the Jorge Posada Foundation and meanwhile they keep the household steady and balanced. It's a loving home unit, you can tell. You can't say that about every family.

During the playoffs this season, I missed Jorge taking charge out there. At the same time, you need to love and appreciate his time in pinstripes, respect him walking away from the game when he did and now, getting endorsement deals after retirement. You just gotta love it. I've always said that Jorge and Laura deserve every good thing that comes their way. Why? Because to put it simply, they're good people.

You know why I say that about Jorge? Because he cried in 2011 when the playoffs was over. Real men cry. Crying brings you to a new level in my book. You can be the toughest person in the world, but you shed a tear, you are in touch with your emotions and in turn, surround others with positive vibes, focus, drive and direction. That's why Jorge is as successful as he is.
That's why Jorge battled the doubters all these years and hell, that's why Laura probably married the stud.

So yeah, as I sat there blogging on a Saturday afternoon not too long ago, I heard Jorge on my radio and with it, I put Johnnie Walker Black Label on my grocery list.  Because, not only do real men cry... real men apparently drink scotch too. I'm in the club... and guess what... I'm in good company.

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