Thursday, March 22, 2012


By now you know my love for Jorge Posada. Since the beginning of Jorge's career, I've always believed in the guy, probably because I knew he believed in himself, despite the "analysts" that suggested early on that Jorge just didn't have what it took. Well, he did and now, those same analysts are the guys praising Jorge Posada when he finally hung it up. It's funny how people love to cling to a champion, isn't it? Luckily for me, I was always in the front row. Read WHY POSADA WILL FOREVER BE LOVED.

Bleeding Yankee Blue has always been for Team Posada and that includes their lovely family. I admire what they have done to bring awareness to Craniosynostosis and we support the Jorge Posada Foundation as well. Me being a father of 4, I understand the need and want to provide and give the best you can for your family, and watching Jorge and Laura do their best to raise their family, you know how important it is for them too.

Jorge is now at home chilling with the family and probably thinking about the Yankees, his second family often and now it appears to be Laura's turn and good for her. You go girl!
Laura has a new show on Utilisima and it's called "Survival Guide" and it's geared toward Latino households and helping them with solutions to helping with family problems. There will be 13 episodes and each with provide different homes with different problems. After spending a week with the family, there will then be suggestions on how that family could improve their quality of life.

Laura says of the project: "We visited the homes of 30 families with various problems and try to find a solution in order that people not feel so alone and viewers have a guide for when they pass through a similar situation."

Reading about this and having a family myself, I couldn't help but think about just how huge this type of show could be for so many families, not just Latino. In this day in age, kids are raised on video games and TV. Rarely do you see pick-up games on the basketball court and 2 parents are usually at work all day. There are different personalities in homes, parents and kids clash and it can be tough. That being said, there needs to be a balance and that's where Laura comes in. I applaud Laura for putting this type of show. Again, Laura's show can be seen on cable-channel Utilisima. It debuted March 4th. Congrats and good luck Laura.

I think it's safe to say that Posada is still kicking butt... but this time it's Laura!

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