Sunday, October 9, 2011


Jorge Posada has been a great New York Yankee and that means something... he's never let down the true fan base and while this season was frustrating, the playoffs was his for the taking and me personally, I loved every minute of it, because it wasn't a great player fizzling, it was fizzling player shining. If there was a way to go out on a high note, Jorge did. I'm proud of him.

Jorge was never supposed to be a superstar catcher, but he was many a season. Sure, there were down seasons but 4 rings later this guy has transformed into a Yankee icon. The Core Four truly had a great run and after Andy Pettitte retired and now Jorge Posada's possible career in pinstripes coming to an end, well, it looks like we may be saying goodbye to our hero.Look, anyone who reads Bleeding Yankee Blue knows how much I love and appreciate Jorge Posada. I didn't like the way he was squeezed out and I watched the poor guy get pushed to the back of the line throughout the season. It could have been done differently, although, I understand, that's business.

I wrote AN OPEN LETTER TO JORGE POSADA because after everything that went on, his changing role and the reality that the Yankees needed to move forward, as did Jorge, I wanted to express my emotion. Well, that emotion came full circle watching my hero get choked up after Game 5 of the ALDS. Jorge cried, and guess what...good for him. Real men cry.

Look, this is a guy that gave his heart and soul to the New York Yankees and it had ended, while on a personal high note because successful in the ALDS, it ended on a low note for the Yankees as a team. Team is all that Jorge thought about. At that moment, as far as he knew, his tenure in pinstripes is over. He's probably not coming back to the Bronx, a place he's called home for 17 years. It's saying goodbye and so, Jorge cried. Look, I totally get it. I cry when my son wins a heat in a swim meet, or when my other guy gets a winning hit. I cry when I watch Rudy, or when the Yankees win the World Series. It's a life thing...success, the thrill of victory, or in his case the agony of defeat.

No one knows what will happen to Jorge Posada, but his future with the Yankees is certain, no, not as a player, put perhaps a coach or an advisor or maybe he'll just stay away for awhile reflecting, but expect something big to happen, when we least expect it...perhaps a number retiring, or a Jorge Posada Appreciation day. One things for sure, Jorge will never be forgotten. With the future of the Yankees catching looking bright in Jesus Montero and Austin Romine and hopefully the return of Russell Martin the Yankees will be OK. And guess what, so with Jorge Posada. No doubt Poe will go down as a Yankee legend for if anything, his incredible drive and heart as a member of the New York Yankees. He is truly Bleeding Yankee Blue and as a fellow peer, meaning, he and I are the same age, I say this, "You played your guts out Jorge. Now's your time. Walk into the sunset and remember all the great times, and most of all, thank you."

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