Monday, November 19, 2012


The Bleeding Yankee Blue fans have spoken and you've overwhelmingly chose Ichiro Suzuki as the Yankees right fielder for 2013. I guess the reality was it wasn't exactly fair. I mean, I didn't have guys like Justin Upton or BJ Upton or even Giancarlo Stanton there, that would have probably sweetened the pot a bit, but that being said, this poll was concise, and I was hoping for a closer vote... That didn't happen.

Let's review. Nick Swisher only received 10 votes. Yankee fans don't know what to make of Nick Swisher these days. A lot of us were ticked off by the way he turned his slump around on us, like it was our fault. I'm willing to forgive, but I won't forget. What he did was JV.
But look, Nick's still solid, he's just a free agent right now, his first time ever so a lot of us just aren't quite sure he wants to come back. Nick came in last place.
Torii Hunter came in second and as this poll (14 votes) and down to it's final few hours, we didn't know that the Tigers would sign him that quickly, but they did. Hunter signed to a 2 year deal to go play for them, read HERE. It really didn't affect the poll, the majority of people had already picked Ichiro, but good luck to Torii. I believe he could have had a great few years in the Bronx, but hey, we'll never know.

Ichiro was the big winner with 65 votes out of 89 total voters. Good work. For me, my money is on Suzuki, especially if you go along with the Yankees "cheap but talented" plan. Ichiro is old, but what does that really mean if the guy is a singles hitter who can run, get on base and give you a chance to win? Ichiro is that guy. Sure, the Yankees don't really play small ball, but if he gets on base, that's a duck on the pond, that's a run and we have the lineup to do it.
You really can't deny his athletic ability in the field as well. He's a 10-time gold glover. He still has outstanding ability to get to the ball and plays hard every time. It's a new energy you saw when he came to the Bronx, where in Seattle, he looked like he was going through the motions. Even David Shields, author of The Understated Ichiro said so:

"Ichiro had become a lazy ex-superstar, living only for padding his stats. Frankly, the feeling here was 'Good Riddance.' It was no longer working for him in Seattle."

That's a Seattle fan ladies and gentleman. By the way, read our interview with Shields titled THE UNDERSTATED ICHIRO: THE INTERVIEW.

Bottom line, Ichiro just wants a ring, which is why he came to the Bronx in the first place. Bringing him back will be a huge plus for the Yankees lineup. He's the spark plug and if you interchange he and Brett Gardner 1 and 9, you have quickness and 2 lead off guys. You can't beat that with that Yankee lineup.

So, the BYB readers picked Ichiro, and I'm on board with that. Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll, we appreciate you.

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