Thursday, July 12, 2012


Women make you do crazy shit. I know, I was the nut that went with my girlfriend to a haunted house in October 26, 1996…that’s right, Game 6 of the 1996 World Series.  That night when we got home I watched the entire 9th inning and the Yankees championship celebration on my VCR and cried like a little girl with joy until at least 3 o’clock in the morning.  It was the happiest night of my life. But I did that because of a woman, the same woman I married by the way, so it’s OK.  I made a sacrifice and it was worth it.

Now rumors are flying that Justin Verlander is the luckiest man in America and has been “spotted” with Kate Upton the Sports Illustrated supermodel. Read B.J Hammerstein of the Detroit Free Press HERE.  Well, I think I am with half of the American male population right now when I say, “Good for you pal, go get her!” The other half say “You are a son of a bitch! you suck V!” 

The bigger problem is now everyone is taking that rumor and going further... suggesting that the reason Justin Verlander gave up 5 runs in the All Star Game (read HERE) was because he’s got his mind on Kate Upton and didn't have it on the game... in other words, he was distracted a bit. Let me break this down to everyone reading this.  It’s an All-Star game and sure, if the American League wins, they get home field advantage in the playoffs, but there could be any number of reasons why Justin Verlander was tight the other night.  In this world of the Internet... rumors fly fast don’t they?
Let me give you my thoughts...Justin Verlander is a great pitcher and he wasn't distracted.  The All Star game loss, while unfortunate for him and the American League, didn't have anything to do with Kate Upton distractions and everything to do with a simple bad outing.  From what I've noticed from Justin Verlander, he's got an incredible work ethic, he's a gamer and yeah, so he and Kate Upton met on a commerical they
did together.
Hopefully he and her got together for his sake, but at the end of the day, he knows his job and does it well.  Look the All-Star game wasn't the playoffs, it was the All-Star game and I would suggest to you that I strongly doubt the dude was distracted by Kate Upton...that being said.... he should have been. (Some of this may be inappropriate for minors. Careful.)
 Look, I don't know if Kate Upton and Justin Verlander are dating. I hope for his sake they are and yeah, I want it to be the demise of his stellar pitching career so the Tigers can lose alittle, but bottom line, Verlander is too much of a stud to let some chick get between him and a championship.  Whatever the case...I'll be sure to follow this for you, it could be fun, don't you think?

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