Wednesday, June 27, 2012


It’s pretty unbelievable to me to hear non-Yankee fans bitch and moan about Rafael Soriano and him untucking his shirt after a save and a Yankees win.  I mean, a lot of players have a “thing”, let RaSo have his.  Mark Fidrych used to literally manicure the mound.  He’d be on his knees combing the mound with his hands so everything was perfect. 
(In Photo: Mark Fidrych)
Ryne Duren used to jump over the bullpen fence when he was called out to pitch and never used the HERE.  And of course, Mariano Rivera trots out to Enter Sandman when it was time for him to close the door. 
Every player’s different and it was crystal clear to me that Soriano was trying to make a statement. “Game over, Yankees win!” and the shirt comes untucked. It's simple thinking and it's obviously the end of the ball game.  I mean, what comes next anyway? The dude takes a shower and changes clothes.  What difference does it make if he untucks the shirt on the field or in the clubhouse? Really.
But no... people aren't satisfied.  They think it's showboating.  Now it seems that Rafael Soriano’s "Untuck-gate" is a big deal.  Much like when Nick Swisher pounded his chest in excitement and much like Francsico Cervelli’s fist pump, Rafael Soriano untucking his shirts is now considered “showing up” the other team. Don’t believe me? Bryan Hoch of tweeted that Joe Girardi said this about Soriano:
Now look, I find this whole thing ridiculous.  The game is over at that point. If a team was “showing up” the other team, well, all they need to do is win, which they did, hence, Soriano untucks his shirt.  Game over. 

Maybe teams should just ban champagne after championship wins… we don’t want to “show up” the losing team or anything.  Why don’t we just give little trophies to every pro ballplayer who plays this season so we’re all even and no one gets their feelings hurt.  Seriously, what the hell are we doing here? 
It’s funny how ridiculous this story is, and to be honest, I can’t believe I’m writing about it.  I think I wanted to just bring it your attention so we can laugh as Yankee fans because it’s more and more evident to me that people need to bash the Yankees any way they can…plus, what the hell happened to winning and losing, I mean, both are very different, aren't they? No one is "showing up" anyone in this case.

It is funny though, ironically no one bashes Derek Jeter for “showing up” the other teams when he fist pumps after a win.  True, the Captain is a Major League stud, but let’s face it, this falls into the same category.  Oh no…What did I do? I just thrust Jeter’s game ending fist pump into the spotlight! What have I done?  

See? Isn’t this all alittle too silly now? I think so.

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