Saturday, June 30, 2012


When all the working parts come together, it's the most perfect Yankees team ever. As a fan, all you can do is fall in love with the talent of these guys.  I think to myself "This is the way it's always supposed to me." It's games like this that my kids will watch with me and say "They make it look easy Dad", and being a fan all these years... I tend to agree with them. These are my New York Yankees.

Today on a hot day in the Bronx the Yankees went with a clean slate and it was the perfect combination of great pitching and power hitting.  I'll take it any way I can get it as long as pitching holds those hot White Sox hitters back and our offense can knock'em home.
Let's start with the pitching first. Hiroki Kuroda got the win and struck out 11 White Sox today.  He looked amazing, even though he started out the first alittle rough. Bottom line, he settled down and dominated. But it wasn't only him, the relief was outstanding in David Robertson and Rafael Soriano. DRob had 2 K's today in the 8th. The guy looked like David Robertson, the guy that we here at Bleeding Yankee Blue suggested should have been the Cy Young winner last year (Read WHY DAVID ROBERTSON IS CY YOUNG WORTHY), or at least be in the top 3.  When DRob's on, there is no one that can hit him. So, with those 2 strikeout's he racked up, that's $2 more that goes in the strikeout pot from BYB's pocket to the High Socks for Hope foundation run by David & Erin Robertson.  Great work as always David. Friday night is long forgotten.

Rafael Soriano came in in the 9th inning after Boone Logan had a slight hiccup.  A double play ended the game and the "untuck" took place.  Let's  be honest, it was over 93 degrees today, I would have accepted him ripping off the jersey and showing off the guinea tee. Whatever, it doesn't matter...the Untuck means Game Over... and it was GAME OVER. 
The offense was all about home runs.  3 homers today, 3 solo shots.  One from Robinson Cano and one from Curtis Granderson and one by DeWayne Wise, who, let's face it, has been impressing me lately.  Is there nothing that he can't do? He just pitched last night. Wise was 3 for 3 today with 2 RBIs, the Wise man's confidence is up, you can see it.  Damn, I love when the Yankees click.

Final today: Yankees 4 - White Sox 0

Tomorrow is Old Timers' day.  It, for me is one of the greatest days at Yankee Stadium next to the playoffs, World Series and Opening Day.  It all starts alittle after 11am on YES.  Watch it, take it in and sit with your kid and explain just how great some of these guys were because you will see so much history in those few hours that will make you smile.  It's Yankee baseball at it's best.  Damn...I'm getting chills just thinking about it.  Enjoy the rest of today.

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