Thursday, May 10, 2012


Robinson Cano has a slow start this year.  Don’t panic, it happens.  Luckily for us, Robinson Cano smashed a Grand Slam on Sunday in a big win against the Royals.  Now, I tell you, getting that big hit usually can dig players out of slumps, and I have no doubt that Grand Slam helped his bruised ego and confidence a bit, but now he’s got to get back to his old form. Last night he knocked in the only run in the Yankees loss to the Rays, read HERE.  We want to see .300 Cano, not .230, you’re better than that!

Look, as long as the New York Yankees can continue to win with decent starting pitching and the offense can keep up, everything will be fine. There is no doubt though, Derek Jeter can’t do everything, he needs his teammates and Cano I believe will be rolling with consistant hits as the weekend approaches.  Digging out of slumps has never been easy for any player.  If it was easy, everyone would be batting .500…not gonna happen. Sure, you need consistency, but you also need confidence.  Luckily Cano got that with his huge Grand Slam the other day. I guarantee, Cano's hits are coming. He just needs to harness it.

Sure, we all see it happening, after all in the past Robinson Cano has always had hot April’s but you can’t harp on it.  Every year and every day is different.  Robinson Cano has defined himself as a leader on this team.  It’s my opinion that that happened the day the Yankees decided to separate both he and Melky Cabrera.  For Cano, it was the best thing for him.  He no longer had his partner in crime, but instead needed to  focus and it happened. 

This slow start for Cano is a bump in the road, don’t expect it to last long.  His .263 average right now will won’t last...after all,  it can't. This is Robinson Cano we’re talking about! 

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