Friday, May 4, 2012


It's no secret how much we love David Robertson on Bleeding Yankee Blue.  We have written on numerous occasions how Drob should be and would be the heir apparent to Mariano Rivera.  Of course, we never figured it would happen this way.  Who could?

That being said, as Yankee fans we can only hope and pray that Rivera has a speedy recovery regardless of whether or not he comes back.  Who wouldn't want to see Mo back on the mound?  But we also need to be realistic; Rivera most likely will not be back in 2012, if ever again.  The reality is this:  The New York Yankees now have a new closer and his name is David Robertson.  Now whether or not Girardi uses Rafael Soriano to close at first or the Yankees use both to close, bottom line is, Robertson is the closer of The New York Yankees.

Robertson would be the first to tell you that he is not Mariano Rivera, nor will he ever be.  And as Yankee fans it is totally unfair to compare Robertson to Rivera.  But, what Robertson can be is the most dominant reliever in the game today.  He has proven he has the tools to shut down teams when the pressure is on.  As the bridge to Mariano, Drob has been simply perfect.  He has not given up a single run this year, and that is coming off a 2011 where he had an .ERA of 1.08!  Of course Robertson isn't perfect but he is a perfectionist and is more then capable of starting his own legacy in pinstripes as the Yankees closer.  And as fans we have to give him our support, 100%. 

There is no question that Robertson is being thrown into the fire, but hey, isn't that the life of a relief pitcher?  Robertson enters this new role like its the bottom of the 9th with the bases loaded, 2 outs, and the Yankees up by one run.  Shut 'em down DRob!  Yankeeland is behind you!

--Mikey Blue, BYB Senior Writer
Twitter: @MikeyBlu23

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  1. Coming from a non Yankee fan I can't say I hope Drod has the same success as Mariano has had for the last 20 years, however as a baseball fan I hope Mariano can climb the mound again and pitch. You hate to see the greatest player at the position leave the game like that.


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