Friday, April 20, 2012


I will be the first to admit when I’m wrong…and guess what… I was wrong.  The 100th anniversary of Fenway Park was pretty neat...I’m not kidding.  As you know, I’m a baseball fan as well as a Yankee fanatic.  I appreciate the players and I respect the game.  There is no denying it, seeing some of the greats was pretty cool, them walking out waving not only to Fenway park, but to all baseball fans was pretty damn impressive, especially with The Natural soundtrack playing underneath it all.  It was glorious… and I hate the Red Sox, you know that! 

That being said, I must say, it was alittle embarrassing to watch the YES network cover the entire event.  Do you think NESN would ever do that for the Yankees? No way.  Not only that, if you listened to the game on the radio today, Suzyn Waldman was having such a good time raving about the Red Sox...almost like she was doing play by play FOR THEM! What the hell Suzyn? You work for us, act like it.

After the ceremony, it was cool to have the feel of 1912... both the Highlanders and Red Sox come out with their throwbacks and played alittle baseball…again, I admit, I was wrong, it was very cool. Don't know what I'm talking about? Read WHY I'M NOT FEELING THE YANKEES THROWBACK GAME.

 Overall, I'd day it was a good day for Major League Baseball, they accomplished what they wanted to accomplish, a gimmick to get your money and it worked.  The only negative was watching an unscripted Kevin Millar try to act “fun” again like it was 2004, getting everyone to toast at the same time and seeming real awkward.  That was JV... just like Millar.  What can you do, it’s Red Sox Nation…it’s never perfect. "Cowboy up" is over Kevin, get lost. 

The Highlanders won today in a good game destroying the celebration of the Red Sox and crushing Bobby Valentine...thank goodness.   New York needed to set the tone early and send a message to Bobby and they did.

Alex Rodriguez homered today and he's now 5th on the all time list. Pretty incredible.  Actually, there were 5 home runs today coming from the Highlanders...2 from Eric Chavez and Nick Swisher also cranked one out and so did Russell Martin.  The New York Highlanders won today 6-2 but the homers weren't the only story...Ivan Nova was the other part of it.

Nova wins... that's what he does and today his line looked like this: In 6 IPs, he struck out 5, allowed 6 hits and 2 runs.  He looked good, he looked in control and he looked like a veteran.  I can't say enough about this guy, I'm digging him...big time!

Nova was followed by Cory Wade and then David Robertson who struck out 2 and he's now up to 11 K's for the season...that's $11 that Bleeding Yankee Blue will add to the pot to raise money for High Socks for Hope.  Then Girardi did something ridiculous... instead of bringing Mariano Rivera in after DRob, he brought in newbie, Cody Eppley.  Eppley gave up a hit and then Girardi brought in Mariano.  Now, I don't know if Joe needed an extra minute to warm up Mo or if he was just reading through his binder for matchups, but my opinion on this is simple... you're playing the Red Sox, you put in your best guys and try NOTHING NEW.  Stupid move by Joe, luckily we didn't suffer.  

Also, I should note, Raul Ibanez played left field today and had a hit.  His average is up to .282.
 Also, kudos to Eric Chavez.  I was so impressed with him today, there is no doubt about it, I'm really happy this guy is back.  He provides stability and he's something special...look at me gushing.

Over all, a great day in Highlanderland.  All is well and the Highlanders looked great.  I am thrilled that Valentine got his clock cleaned in Fenway.  Not to get greedy...but a sweep would be nice.

Final Score: Highlanders 6 - Red Sox 2. More tomorrow... I can't wait.
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