Monday, March 26, 2012


Just a few stories that I wanted to bring you that’s going on around the league. Everything is Yankee related in some capacity, but I didn’t feel it necessary to create individual posts for all these stories… so here you go:

Joba Chamberlain: Joba will speak to reporters this week and explain to everyone how he was never “in danger”. Apparently the whole story was overblown by bad reporting. I did my research and the only people I can pinpoint where I read it first was from Anthony McCarron of the New York Daily News HERE. Of course, these stories come from "sources" and sometimes bad info happens. I'm not slamming McCarron or anything, I was just curious who was out there and that was where I first read it. Many of us sports writers and bloggers picked it up, but Buster Olney reports HERE that it was overblown and Joba will correct the record later this week. We'll see. For all we know Olney's reports wrong too.

Andy Pettitte: It’s being reported by the AP that Pettitte may need to testify in the perjury case of former friend, Roger Clemens. I’m not getting involved in this story other than to say that whatever Roger Clemens did or didn’t do, I don’t like what I’m seeing from this guy…it’s truly a fall from grace and it’s unfortunate. Anyway, you can read the Associated Press story HERE. Jury selection for the Clemens perjury trial is set for April 16. There’s been wide speculation that this is part of the reason why Pettitte is perhaps coming back to the Yankees big team sometime after May 1st. It was all about timing with him. Again, who knows, I’m just glad Andy’s back.

Greg Golson: Former Yankee Greg Golson was a member of the Royals and just to give you an update on his career, he was just traded to the Chicago White Sox for cash considerations. That’s being reported by, and you can read their story HERE. We loved Greg Golson for that amazing throw to nail Carl Crawford at third base in that game in 2010. Some would say that was the beginning of Carl Crawford’s demise…I kid, I kid. Here’s the video.

Anyway, I personally have fond memories of Golson in pinstripes even though it was brief. I wish him well. Hopefully he latches on in Chicago.

AJ Burnett: Burnett’s back! Sort of… he pitched 40 pitches in a live batting practice for the Pirates and he’s on the road back after being hit in the face with a baseball while taking batting practice. It was a “freak accident”. Do you see how I used the words “freak accident?" I applied to an actual incident that happened to someone doing their job, not to someone like Joba Chamberlain who knowingly understood the risks of a trampoline and still jumped on it anyway.

Ramiro Pena: The Phillies like Pena and with all their infielders dropping like flies, they’d like to try and get him, according to George King III, read HERE. Look, Pena has always hung on and has been helpful on the Yankees, but I’m afraid the guy's never going to make it as a starter on the New York Yankees. Maybe somewhere else, or maybe he’d provide some stability for the Phillies… I’m curious about if the Yankees would ship him off, we shall see.

If there are other stories, we will bring them to you. Also, don’t forget we will have a new BYB PRESENTS: YANKEE SHORTS this Saturday. If you don’t know what Yankee shorts is, check out BYB PRESENTS: YANKEE SHORTS #1. It’s a fun read.

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