Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Obvious headline for any Yankee fan, right? Well, consider this; DRob probably has the best chance to become Mariano Rivera when Mo decides to hang it up. It could be this year, it could be next, but I have no doubt in my mind that Houdini’s being groomed to be the next closer of the New York Yankees.

Joba Chamberlain was the guy I thought would have the torch passed to him and you know what? There is always a very good chance that Joba comes back healthy this season, provides stability in the pen and DRob stays in the exact same role as he’s in now with Joba becoming the Yankees closer, but let's face facts, after the great season Robertson had in 2011... I doubt it. Instead I feel like history will repeat itself in Yankeeland.

(In photo: John Wetteland)

John Wettland was the Yankees closer to 2 years back in 1995 and 1996 and during that time, little, skinny Mariano Rivera was his setup guy. He went out there and chucked it, forming a bridge to Wettleland. In essance, he was a second closer for the Yankees at that moment. Opposing hitters had a hard time getting through those 3 innings and essentially, the Yankees prevailed more times than not... Mo for 2, Wettleland for 1, game over.

David Robertson is the 1995-1996 Mariano Rivera all over again. This time he’ll be bridging to the veteran...Mr. Dominant, Mariano Rivera. Couple that with must have bullpen guys like Cory Wade, Rafael Soriano, and Joba (when he’s healthy) and we have an unstoppable pen.

Look, David Robertson is extrordinary and the Yankee fans adore him. What’s not the adore? He’s great at his job, he’s a boy for Alabama who gives back to his community (Read HERE) and he wants the ball every chance he gets. He’s a pitcher with Mariano’s mentality, clearly he learned from the best. It's that “Here it is, try and hit it” mentality. Sure, he doesn’t use 1 pitch like Mo, but that’s what makes him unique as the torch will eventually be passed to him. He utilizes the traits he learned from the great Mariano and couples that with his own talents. I see DRob as the future closer of this organization and anything otherwise would be silly, wouldn’t it?

I see big things for DRob in 2012 and beyond... ain't no doubt about it.

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