Monday, December 19, 2011


This is breaking now and apparently while the world picked the Blue Jays as the winners to get the rights to negoiate for Yu Darvish, Bleeding Yankee Blue was in fact correct... not the others. We wrote WHY IT COULD BE A TEXAS "YU" STEP on Thursday.

"...if I had to predict, it would be the Texas Rangers who will be the ones who win this sweepstakes for Yu. "

You're Welcome.

Look, it was a guess, just like everyone else, I don't really take it too seriously, but it's cool to be correct once in a while. Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports has been all over this story... read HERE. Jeff says:
"The Texas Rangers won the rights to negotiate with star Japanese right-hander Yu Darvish by placing a record $51.7 million bid in a posting auction, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Darvish’s team in Japan, the Nippon Ham Fighters, will accept the bid, which means the Rangers have 30 days to negotiate a contract with Darvish. If they cannot work out a deal, Darvish would return to Japan for the 2012 season and the Rangers would be refunded the posting fee."

So now what? The Yankees and Yankee fans officially move on and we can't worry about it...bottom line. Maybe we'll focus more clearly on a Gio Gonzalez, or maybe we'll sign Yoennis Cespedes out of desparation, or maybe we won't do anything, but one thing's for sure... Yu Darvish is not coming to the Bronx, that seems to be quite clear.

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