Friday, February 25, 2011


I realized something when I woke up today. Alex Rodriguez is a champion to many. Not only that, he's a Yankee Champion. Why do I say that? Fan passion.

It's funny. Moonlight Graham is a new writer for BYB. He's one of the best baseball minds I know and he's taking on a huge task for me. He's going to bring his Yankee smarts to a new level and bring it to all you. It's a hard look and it's bound to make people think, make people smile or make people angry. After all, it's the New York Yankees and every fan has a favorite, whether it's Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Reggie or Randy Velarde, everyone loves someone, right?So, Graham's introduction post apparently became a lightening rod for Alex fans. Free speech lives. everyone is entitled to their opinion. Read Graham's piece WHY WEARING PINSTRIPES DOESN'T MAKE YOU A YANKEE. Don't be a hater, understand the point he's trying to make. Jeter had some successful years with the Yankees.

Look, me personally, I've been a Yankee fan all my life. My first game was Game 1 of the 1981 World Series and I still remember the marijuana smell in the right field Mezzanine section where we sat. My passion was always Yankees through life. I loved Guidry, Danny Pasqua and Ricky Henderson growing up. I cried in '96 like a chick and I thought 2009 was the greatest playoffs of my Yankee life. Why? Because Alex Rodriguez kicked ass. Not only were Yankee fans rooting for the Yankees in that '09 playoffs, they were rooting for Alex to break out so we could celebrate this guy after all these years of falling short. 2009 was big, not only for us, for Alex because he finally won us over.

Now, you're thinking "Casey, make your point, you're annoying me", right? Moonlight Graham's piece wasn't to diss A-Rod and his 2009 heroics, no, it was to set a tone and present an example, that's it. No one hates Alex here, NO ONE.

So, when you look at your Yankees, who's earned their pinstripes? Mariano Rivera? Reggie Jackson? Paul O'Neill? Mike Pagliarulo? Paul Blair? Derek Jeter? CC Sabathia? See what I mean? Some on this list do, others didn't.

Yes, it's a matter of opinion, but it's also a matter of passion. And after all, fan passion rules, doesn't it.

So welcome Mr. Graham, he's no hater, he'll be offering information, facts and analysis and opinion on our Yankees past and present that you will only see here. And yes, believe me, passion for your Yankees WILL be factored in, no doubt.

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  1. Alex is the man. I read that Graham piece. it may have been a silly comparison, but i understood what he was trying to do.


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