Friday, November 25, 2022


I feel like the San Francisco Giants are trying way too hard and it's going to backfire. Am I wrong? Maybe, but I doubt it.  

So far, they had a "productive meeting" with Aaron Judge, Joc Pederson goes on Twitter and looks like a fan boy photoshopping a Giants uniform on the guy, Steph Curry is kissing the guy's ass and now Chris Mullin comes out of the woodwork and tries to convince Aaron Judge that he needs to play in San Francisco. What's next, Gavin Newsom and Willie Mays take a Trolley Bus tour with the guy, eat crab with him at the pier and swim to Alcatraz together? It's beginning to get annoying.

Back in the day Chris Mullion was one of my favorite college basketball players. The competition between Mullin and Patrick Ewing at Georgetown was awesome.   Mullin went on to play for the Golden State Warriors and I would catch some games when he'd play the Knicks.  Never a huge basketball fan, but I did like the way Mullin played.

Now I read this guy is all over Aaron Judge and it makes me change my view of this guy.  I guess when you go West Coast, you drop the East Coast all together.  Mullin wants no part of New York anymore and is trying to entice Judge to come to San Francisco. Come on, man!

Giants Baseball Insider on Fan Nation writes:

"Listen it's time to come to the Bay Area Aaron Judge. All rise! Let's go," Mullin said. "Oracle Park is a beautiful place to play. You're going to win championships here. Just look at what Steph Curry's doing here. The Bay Area is a forgiving place. You put up a career year. You hit 62 home runs, and they're giving you the Bronx cheer in the playoffs. Time to go man. Come back home."

Mullin was born and raised in New York. 

I just vomited in my mouth. 

I hope Judge is smart enough to see that this is all a little overwhelming now. Try hards.  It's like going to a car dealership and trying to find the right car. You like what you see, and the salesmen are nice and not too annoying, but you wanna go to the big dealership across the street just because you're curious.

So you go, and you like their cars too, but you don't want to be oversold.  And then you are... and the salesmen are annoying, and they are asking you "What do I have to do to get you in this vehicle!"  And they tell you that they'll throw in this, and they will throw in that. Sooner or later you feel like you're being played. You look at them and realize they are overwhelming, handsy car salesmen.  You say, "Screw this" and you go back to the first dealership, find the right car, feel comfy there and get exactly what you want with no BS.  

Let's hope Judge goes back to that first dealership across the street... you know the one... the Yankees.

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