Friday, July 1, 2022


I can't stand Joey Gallo. Quite simply, he needs to go.  But it's not that easy because he's so bad, he's literally untradeable.

But Philly's Joe Giglio of WIP has a great idea and I welcome it. Check this out:

"There’s no player with a track record lower than Gallo (.169 AVG, 79 OPS+) right now. His fit in New York has been a disaster, and will likely soon follow the Javier Vazquez/Sonny Gray Express...out of New York. If the Yankees are looking to dump Gallo for anything they can get before the trade deadline, the Phillies would be smart to look into it. Gallo’s light-tower power is real, and he comes with the ability to play center field. Worst case, it’s a flier on a guy that’s about to be a free agent. Best case? Gallo turns his career back around, and the Phillies can add huge power to both replace and pair with Harper as the season progresses.”

Giglio is smart to think this way. The Phillies are 7 games out in their division, it's a coin toss. Gallo could help them, and he may not but it's clear the Yankees DON'T need him.

I would hope someone's listening out there who can made these decisions. Hell, I'll personally drive Gallo to Philadelphia. 

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