Tuesday, June 7, 2022


Joey Gallo has a swing made for Yankee Stadium. Here's the problem, when he swings, he misses the ball, and in baseball, that's kind of signifiicant.

Gallo's getting creamed by many for being an automatic out. Hey, he's a major league ballplayer and he's been touted as having amazing home run power and being a solid defender and all that might be true. But it's clear that in New York, he is not that guy at all. Why? Because you can see his wheels spinning. He may have a swing made for New York, but he doesn't have the mental toughness for this city... and that's why I have to say... it's time for him to go.

He apparently hates his critics and it's clear he's imploding. Talking with ESPN's Jesse Rogers, he went off. This time is about about going opposite way on the shift:

"Everybody wants you to go the other way... I don't think people who say that realize how hard the game is. They wouldn't step in the box and do it, I'll tell you that much.”

I played ball, I happen to know about how hard the game is. But you know what I learned at a very young age? I learned that baseball hitting is about adjustments. I tweeted that a few nights ago:

I also will always remember this from Pete Rose who was an absolutely dynamic hitter. This is a special piece of tape. Gallo should watch it every day.

Now if Gallo can't figure out as a grown man that he needs to make adjustments in the box, and I can yell at my TV from where I'm sitting to see it, he needs to retire, because he's dead.

Here's what else Gallo said:

“It's tough to adjust to it because it wasn't a thing in the minors... Over time it's gotten more extreme and more effective. From a hitter's standpoint, it's something that could be changed.”

Joe Gallo has a swing that got him to the big leagues, but he's using minor league mentality to walk him throw his horrible career. That's not a major league player. That's a player that needs to give up the game and work at Trader Joe's.  

And sure Joey, go after your critics all you want. But remember something... you chose this perfection, not me. I recognized I couldn't go any further. You didn't. And... what's a nice way to say this... oh, I know...


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