Thursday, November 25, 2021


HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL! I hope this finds you well and I hope you are spending time with your friends and family this year, especially after the shitshow that 2020 was.

Can you believe that 2021 is almost over? This year went by fast, and now I sit and think about what I am thankful for and wonder about what the future holds. A bunch of baseball free agents are wondering the same thing, too. Not for the same reason of course, but this is a time for reflection for all of us.

So as we sit and wonder what comes next, the baseball world waits and wonders what is going to happen with this crazy shortstop free agent market. We are all curious, and so is Marcus Semien. We sit back and wait to see if the Yankees will make a move on shortstop, but according to HERE, Scott Boras is still crazy Boras and is shopping for a hefty contract for Semien north of $200 million, which is more than what myself and other writers were predicting.

We know Boras always aims for the moon, but now we wait and wonder if the Yankees were interested in Semien because he would be a more affordable option. His price tag is lower than what Clown Carlos Correa is asking for and Corey Seager also but word on the diamond is RUMOR: YANKEES ARE NOT SPENDING BIG BUCKS ON A SHORTSTOP so do the Yankees consider the asking price to be too high?

We all know the Yankees can afford anything they want, but that doesn't mean they will spend big money. So we wait and see what happens now that the Collecting Bargaining Agreement expires in less than one week. Semien is hopeful that the market doesn't collapse and the likely lockout does not negatively impact his future contract and the Yankees hope the market changes and that maybe they can swoop in and make a splash after all. Only time will tell.

So as we sit and hope for a quick agreement for a new CBA let's be thankful for what we have now. I'm thankful that my family loves baseball and introduced it to me at a young age. I am thankful to have this holiday with friends and family. Last but not least, I am thankful that you all take the time to read us.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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